AE025 – Bhante Ujotika Bhivamsa – Happiness Through Peace of Mind

Thanks for checking out Anecdotal Evidence.  I’m very excited to share this week’s episode with Bhante UJotika Bhivamsa.  Bhante is a Buddhist monk who teaches meditation at Serenity Insight Meditation Center here in Asheville.  He is originally from Burma where he was raised in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.  He has dedicated his life to learning, practicing and teaching meditation.  It was a great privilege to get a chance to sit down with him for a conversation.

Here in the west we are just beginning to understand and value the meditative arts.  But to Buddhists, this has been the foundation of their approach to life for thousands of years.  This experience is passed on through Buddhist monasteries, where Bhante spent much of his formative years.  It requires total devotion and dedication to the practice to complete the training.  It is a great blessing that Bhante has joined our community to share what he has learned.
Download the episode here

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