AE027 – Chris Wilhelm – Living the Music


I sat down with Chris way back in February of this year for a conversation about music and the healing pathways into our being that it opens up.  It was special for me in that Chris and I share a lot in common.  We’re both the oldest of three brothers, we have some common musical interests in Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and we both have relocated to Asheville to call home.  We get into all of that in some detail during the conversation.

In case you’re not yet familiar with his music, I highly encourage you to check him out online at Chris Wilhelm music, and also with his recent excellent band, the Wilhelm Brothers.  The Wilhelm Brothers were a unique band consisting of Chris on vocals and guitar, and his friend (not brother) Kristof on cello and vocals.  I discovered them from a local show and fell in love with the songs right away.

As we were planning our podcast recording with the Wilhelm brothers, life threw curveballs at us as the band decided to go on hiatus after exhaustive touring over the past few years.  It was a time of transition and there was definitely some sadness in the air as they had a special thing going.

Fortunately Chris is carrying on with his music and was gracious to sit down with me solo.  In our conversation he shares how music opened up healing channels in his life and has carried him through difficult experiences.   He is frank about how he has found success as a musician through creative ideas around booking gigs, and staying consistent with his efforts.  He even gets into some of his personal process for writing songs.  Real good stuff in there.

But the real gift of this recording are the three songs that Chris played for me at the end of the episode.  He played “Trail of the Lonesome Pine”, “Long Live Your Tomorrows”, and “I’ll See You in St. Augustine”.  These are gorgeous songs; the recording came out great and I’m very happy to be able to share these with you as a special Christmas present.
Download the episode here

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