The official site of the Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective.

The website of Peter Breggin, M.D. This is an excellent starting point to learn about my role model and leading icon in helping those who have had a diffcult time in the system of biological psychiatry.

An excellent and comprehensive starting point for learning about the process of psychiatric medication withdrawal.

This is the website of Robert Whitaker and those affiliated with him. It is an excellent journalistic-type compendium of articles, blogs and resources related to psychiatry reform.

A website with some resources on medication withdrawal.

A downloadable and printable guide to the basics of the process of psychiatric medication withdrawal.

I learned this breathing exercise from Dr. Andrew Weill’s book when I started medical school. It has served me well for years. Many clients have practiced it and benefitted from it. It is an excellent way to begin to connect with the healing power of breath.

February 2013 article by Tracy Rose on mental health reform in the Mountain Xpress.